Thursday, April 11, 2013

7 Months

As Carter gets older, we're enjoying more and more activities with him, especially reading.  He's really getting interested in his surroundings and loves to try and turn the pages of the books.  There's one we like in particular called "That's Not my Monster!" that Carter's Aunt Courtney gave him.  The book is adorable--one of those books that has textures the baby can feel as you read.  This one goes through several monsters, and on each page declares "That's not my monster!" and tells a feature that is different than what's expected, until the last page when the reader finds his monster. 

(Spoiler alert--his monster has fluffy ears.)

Lately, though, Jeffrey and I have started to joke about Carter not being our monster, because he is changing so quickly that we can't keep up!  I walked into the Hubbard's house to pick Carter up after work yesterday and there he was, sitting on the floor by himself.  Sitting by himself!  That's not my monster, I thought, My monster can't sit up all by himself. 

He's also been crawling/dragging his lower body all over the place.  I set him down on the floor, look away for a second, glance back and think That's not my monster--my monster can't wedge himself under my bed while I put on my makeup!

But despite all our protests, he is our monster.  Our sweet, babbling, crawling, cuddly, baby food always on his face monster.  And he's seven months old today.

Happy eleventh, baby.  You'll always be my monster.