Saturday, August 17, 2013

Bump in the Road

No, this is not a post about a baby bump--don't get excited.  It's so unfortunate that blogging women of childbearing years cannot post the words "bump," "baby," or "surprise" without raising suspicion of a bun in the oven.


The post is about an actual, literal bump in the road.  Specifically another car running into my car.  Boo.

Sometimes there's a really complicated story to explain about how a car accident happened.  Other times it's pretty cut and dry--like this story:  I was driving straight on a residential road and a lady ignored a stop sign (and my screeching brakes, and my honking) and hit me. 

Nobody was hurt in either car, which is fantastic considering that between the other lady's car and mine we had 5 children total.  Carter treated it as his first trip to play bumper cars and giggled at the collision.  I was relieved that everyone was ok, but not quite as amused as my boy when I remembered how much fun it is to get a car fixed after an accident.

If you remember from our last car wreck post, when we have a car accident, we really like to do it right, and this time would be no different.  In an incredibly slow-speed wreck, where only two cars were involved, where the other car was no damaged AT ALL, my car managed to receive damage to the headlight, front fender, side panel, and hood.  (And that's just what we can see--haven't even gotten an estimate yet.)

My sweet, precious grandpa fell into immediate action trying to get me a car to drive in the meantime.  He had been planning to buy a new car at the end of the week anyway, but called the dealership and told them he needed it a little early so that I could drive his old car. 

So if you need me in the next few days, you'll find me cruisin' in the 2000 Suburban with 373,000 miles on it.  Big pimpin.

(I cannot imagine why Grampy thought it was time for a new car!)

Sunday, August 11, 2013

11 Months

Same sweet boy, one month older!

I thought today might be the day that we couldn't get a good balloon picture (oh, the horror, I know).  Carter had a very exciting day going to church, eating lunch with his great grandpa, and hanging out at the Temple "Splash Pad" with friends from Western Hills; however, all that fun made for one grumpy boy at the end of the day, which is unfortunately when mommy remembered that today was the eleventh, and thus, PICTURE DAY!

Daddy came to the rescue and did everything possible to make that boy smile, including but not limited to: animal noises, jumping jacks, funny faces, and yoga poses.  The result is as you see below.  One incredibly joyous eleven-month-old baby showing you every one of his 6 tiny teeth. 

Happy eleventh, baby boy.  We love it when you smile.