Friday, April 25, 2014

We're getting there...

If I had to summarize my life in one short sentence, it would be: we're getting there.

It has been no secret that I haven't felt well during this pregnancy, even far into the second trimester (see previous post for proof) but it seems as though the twenty week mark has been the start of a gradual improvement in symptoms. Knock on wood.   We're getting there.

The weeks going by have brought more relief in the form of a growing  belly, even in the absence of a normal, non-regurgitated diet, and some reassurance that the baby is ok and growing normally. This also makes me feel better about saying, during the times I'm feeling nauseated, "when this boy comes out, he's getting a spanking for this."  At least I know he'll have a little meat on his bones for his first punishment.   Little by little, he's getting there.

Speaking of the new little guy, we finally arrived at a name for him:  Harrison Jeffrey Edwards. It took a looooooooot of negotiating on both sides to pick a name that Jeffrey and I both like, but finally, we got there. No longer nameless, Harrison becomes more real to us with every tiny kick. I can't believe we will be parents to two boys in only a few months. Oh my, we're getting there quickly!

And then there's Carter. Don't get me wrong, I love that boy fiercely with my entire being, but daily now I see us slipping away from the carefree days of happy baby and ever onward toward the dreaded "terrible twos."  Our little sweetness has developed a tiny temper and lots of opinions seemingly overnight. Yes, we're finally reaching the level of parenting I was afraid of. Level one parenting is simply keeping the baby alive--not scared of that. Level two parenting is, you know, actually parenting--teaching right from wrong, establishing boundaries, and other tantrum inducing activities. Ugh, we're getting there.

Some recent items that have resulted in major breakdowns in Carter's emotional state:

Waiting for waffles to toast in the oven
Not having a waffle for breakfast
Saying the word 'no' about anything at all
Picking him up
Putting him down
Needing some juice to drink
Shoes being on

Clearly, his life is horrible and deserving of tears multiple times per day. Ya. We're there.