Friday, March 27, 2015

Lucky Number 7

Happy 7 months, Harrison!

Unfortunately, this 27th falls on a week when our entire family is fighting off an upper respiratory virus that just won't go away.  I really thought this might be the month in which an 'outtake' picture might have to suffice as THE picture, but in the eleventh hour Daddy and Carter managed to eek out this smile between coughs and sneezes. 

I love this picture because this is the face I see multiple times per day, every single day.  H-man loves to chew on that lower lip, and sometimes he just can't let it go, even for a big smile.  Of course, 'chew' might be an overstatement--this boy still just has a mouth full of gums.

He's eating lots of baby food and has declared a pretty strong distaste for rice cereal, but any other puree is fair game.  As he's gotten more steady with his sitting up, he's gotten more and more interested in the many toys his brother leaves around the house.  What happens if you put him in a jump up?  Well, he'll bounce and bounce until he just can't bounce anymore.  (Yet even with all that exercise, those rolls on his thighs just aren't going anywhere!)

Thanks for showing us a smile, buddy; we know you weren't feeling good, but this picture sure makes me feel better.