Monday, April 27, 2015

8 Months Old

Another 27th has come, which means that my tiny boy has inched one more month closer to a year old.  This time he's 8 months old and so much has changed.

He's gradually starting to work off those thigh rolls as he starts to try crawling (but don't worry, he's still as "plush" as ever).  He hasn't quite figured out how to truly be mobile, but he certainly gets around, usually by rolling multiple times to cover some ground. 

H-man is still very expressive with his facial features, but he's getting more vocal now, too.  He says "Dada" all day long.  Each time he says it Carter tells him, "Stop saying Dada, say Carter!"  Personally, I'm repeating the word "Mama" like a parrot to try and claim my name as his second official word. 

It's been fun to see him start to play with toys.  So far his favorites are the ever-popular ring stacker toy and a little toy train that moves and plays music.  Just like big brother, he loves music.  He would play patty cake all day, too, if mommy's arms didn't get tired. 

He's a good, good boy and I just can't believe he's so big.  Happy 27th, H.  Love you to pieces.