Sunday, January 26, 2014


Sometimes as a parent you have the distinct honor of cleaning up vomit, boogers, and various other unpleasant bodily excretions.  When these explosions happen, the best case scenario is that you are at home within arm's reach of a box of wet wipes.  The medium case scenario is that you are at a restaurant where you can quickly exit and pretend that it was someone else's kid who exploded all over the floor and high chair.  The worst case scenario?  Well, that would be this...

Last week Carter had a mean bout of diarrheal illness, most likely caused by a virus/bacteria/parasite he picked up while playing in the toilet water earlier in the week.  (I looked away for 2 SECONDS!!)  We went through a lot of diapers and a lot of wipes and probably forever ruined our relationship with our childcare providers.  By Wednesday he was seeming better and I needed to go to a meeting at church after work, so I picked him up and took him with me.  As we started the meeting Carter very obviously and very loudly started to have a *ahem* bowel movement.  That was pretty distracting to our meeting, but what came next pretty much decimated all hope.  He had come over to me and asked me to hold him, so I picked him up but kept saying, "I'm scared....what if you're leaking on me?"  I picked him up to check for leakage and noticed something on the carpet beneath me.

It didn't hit me at first what had happened because I couldn't figure out where the liquid was coming from, but after a few seconds of deduction I realized that the foamy, beige colored liquid on my pants, the chair, and the carpet was actually Carter's diarrhea that had leaked out of his diaper and down his pant leg.

Even after using several industrial solvents, a countless number of wipes, putting on a new diaper, and taking everything (including the trash from the clean up) outside of the building, it still smelled like disgusting baby poo throughout the entire office. 

There's really no way to gracefully handle that situation, or to save face as you leave, so I pretty much just ran...and then brought this up to the office this morning as an apology.


Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas Recap

Christmas 2013 was a great one!  (And we've got pictures to prove it.)

Between Jeffrey's work schedule and mine, it was a little difficult to work out the plan, and in the end we only got to spend a couple of days with each of our families over the holiday, but it was well worth it.

We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Jeffrey's side of the family this year.  On Christmas Eve they always go to Nana's house for dinner and presents.  This year we had gotten Nana a photo book of Carter pictures (every great-grandma's dream, right?)  Well, after everyone had opened presents in a quick, chaotic minute, I realized that I hadn't heard Nana say anything about the photo book.  I thought it was odd that this normally doting great-grandma wouldn't have had anything to say about a book full of pictures of her favorite little boy, so I looked over and noticed that she hadn't even opened the box that the present was in!  I had wrapped her gift in a used graham cracker box (we had run a little shy on gift wrapping supplies) and she thought that we had given her graham crackers for Christmas!  Being the sweet, kind woman she is, she hadn't even thought twice about it and even said, "I really like these crackers!"  We told her we'd get her some next year, but this year there was a different surprise inside.  Haha.

Around 9 pm Carter was very tired and so we left Nana's house early to go back to the Edwards' house and put him to bed.  The only problem was that when we got there the garage door wouldn't open.  Jeffrey sheepishly asked if I thought I could fit through the dog door.  Now, the Edwards have a Chihuahua/terrier mix, but luckily decided to dream big on their dog door and got the XL, good luck for me.  I fit through and got us inside and put the boy in bed.  Merry Christmas to me.

The next morning Carter got several presents but his favorite was definitely this big truck!

The truck theme continued at my parents house a few days later when he got a dump truck.  Since then he's added the word "truck" to his vocabulary--no big surprise there.  Jeffrey unfortunately learned that the joy of being a father on Christmas is that you spend most of your time trying to get those little toys out of their (impenetrable) packaging.

We got to see lots of family and share some smiles before it was time to head back to Temple.  Merry Christmas to all, and a Happy New Year!