Thursday, November 14, 2013

Carter's Birthday Party

Carter has been sick the last few days and yesterday he got a high fever, so we decided it would be best for me to stay home with him today to let him rest and recuperate.  Since he's napping now, I figured now was as good a time as any to blog about his birthday party.  Yep, you heard me correctly.  A mere 2 months after celebrating his birth, I'm getting around to documenting the festivities.  *Y'all don't all nominate me for Mom of the Year at once, now.
We decorated Grampy's farm with blue and yellow balloons, but not much else.  That beautiful Texas farmland doesn't need much help looking pretty! 
The birthday boy wore a onesie given to him by his MiGi to proclaim his "special-ness" to all the world.  (There sure are a lot of bright blue eyes in that picture, huh?)
Aunt Courtney helped Carter eat a balanced breakfast of waffles, waffles, and bacon. 
Of course, Carter had a blast with all the family who came.  He and MiGi had a good laugh playing with the balloons before the rest of the guests arrived.  So many of Carter's sweet family members came to his big day--MomO and DadO, PawPaw and Nana, Aunt Courtney and Uncle Greg, Aunt Leslie, MiGi and G-Daddy, Grammy and Poppy, and of course, Grampy was already there!
It wasn't just family who made the trek to the farm--many of Carter's friends from church came to celebrate with us, and some of Jeffrey's and my friends came, too.  We were especially touched that Lacie and Adam, Maegan and Jordan, and Jenny and Jesse drove in from out of town to attend.  It is an incredible blessing to have friends who love your child that much!  (I was especially glad that so many of our guests showed up after my major mistake with the invitations!)
The birthday boy was all smiles as he waited for the entertainment to start.
No birthday party is complete without cake!  We actually had two cakes--one for the guests and one just for Carter (pictured above).
I made this video of some of our favorite pictures and videos of Carter in his first year.  If ever you needed proof that Jeffrey and I are doting parents, here it is:  It was difficult for us to narrow it down to our very, very, very favorite 500 photos of Carter.
After we watched the video I made of Carter's first year, we helped him blow out his candle and then let him go crazy on the cake.

Judging from these pictures, I'd say that Carter enjoyed his cake!  He went from cautious to delicious to a monstrous mess in about 3.2 seconds.   

Here's the fam after we got that boy cleaned up and into a spare outfit.  Great party--can't wait til next year!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Happy Halloween, Charlie Brown!

This year we scratched our heads trying to come up with the perfect costume for our little guy...and then we looked at his big, mostly bald, round head and voila!  We knew that his cute noggin was meant to be costumed as Charlie Brown.  (This was very convenient for me since the costuming would take approximately 30 minutes and $4 to make.  Love it!)
Nothing better than a boy and his dog
Instead of trick or treating in our respective neighborhoods, our small group from church got together and went around as a group.  It was great fun to share the night with them.  Carter didn't exactly trick or treat, but he had a blast watching everyone else run up to doors and run back with bags full of candy.  He also had a good time identifying every "duck" on the route--he calls pumpkins "ducks" because of a book that he has about a duck looking for a pumpkin.  We'll get him straightened out by kindergarten, I'm sure.
One of the families brought glow sticks for a little extra fun/to help keep track of kids. We were the brightest crew out there!
And, of course, because mommy is a dentist, we ended the night of sweet treats by brushing each tooth thoroughly!