Wednesday, May 27, 2015

9 Months

The months are flying by now--it's time to celebrate another 27th.  Harrison is still working on crawling, although he's decided he might try the bear crawl instead of this silly hands-and-knees version that the other kids his age are doing.  Either way, I say, as long as that boy can start to get around on his own because he is getting HEAVY for this mama to hold all the time!  And let me assure you, he does prefer to be held all day long.  I call him my Velcro baby because he is stuck on me.  (And I pretend that I'm annoyed by it, but deep down I think it's so sweet.)

While he likes for me to hold him all the time, he still manages to be somewhat of a party animal.  Harrison is always happiest around lots of people and lots of action.  A nice relaxing day at home bores him, but take him out to the mall or a party or a ball game and he'll be so busy people watching that he forgets to eat!

Speaking of food--he's pretty much moved on to table food and we have yet to find a food he doesn't like.  Still no teeth in that sweet little mouth, but he isn't ashamed and lets those gums show in full when he gives me the good smile.  Boy, that smile lights up my days.

H-man, you're my favorite little.  Love you, kiss you, squeeze you.  Happy 27th, bud.