Monday, July 15, 2013

Mad About Plaid

My boy knows how to rock a plaid shirt.

Hmm...I wonder where he got those sweet cheeks...

Carter at 10 months

Lauren at 11 months

Friday, July 12, 2013

Perfect Ten

Yesterday our boy turned 10 months old!

Between taking his first steps and finding his little tongue (which is now almost constantly sticking out of his mouth) he has become even more precious to me.  My sweet boy is still one of the happiest kids on the planet, cheerfully accompanying me on many trips to the grocery store, to church, and anywhere else he can find people to smile at. 

By now he's had time to wrap his grandparents firmly around his little finger, as well as his aunts and uncles.  Even Uncle Greg, the most hesitant of uncles to jump into the babysitting thing, has changed a diaper this weekend on his visit to Temple.  (Ok, maybe he just helped Aunt Courtney change the diaper, but that still counts.)

Love you more than ever, baby.  Happy eleventh.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Today, my son took his first true steps!  (He had taken some "steps" before that might more appropriately be called "lunges," "trips," and "dives.")

In less monumental news, he also had another first today:  He pooped in the bathtub. 

He was in the tub because while I was feeding him he flung his arms at the spoon, creating tiny projectile portions of pureed peas everywhere.  I put him in the bath to clean him, and instead he pooped in there.  Kind of defeats the purpose, dude.

While he was napping I bleached the tub, cleaned the rest of the bathroom, and did some other chores around the house.  I woke Carter just in time to get him off to the babysitter's before work. 

I did not factor in the time that would be required for a costume change:  Carter had pooped through his diaper and onto his outfit.

After a quick change, I was off to work.  When I got home Jeffrey had just picked up Carter from the babysitter's house. 

And that's when we noticed an all-too-familiar smell coming from the back side of our little precious.  But it wasn't just in the, he had just ruined outfit #2.

At that point Jeffrey and I looked at each other with exasperation, and I exclaimed, "Jeffrey, what in the world is wrong with our baby?  He's pooping on everything!"

Jeffrey looked back at me, with a look of admiration mixed with a little pride, and said, "He's becoming a man."

Pooberty really stinks.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Noses, Hoses, and Cheerios(es)


Jeffrey and I don't claim to have any expertise in the parenting department.  In fact, we're pretty much just flying by the seat of our pants.  Please don't tell Carter.  I think we have him fooled.

But while we don't claim any special knowledge on parenting, per se, we HAVE discovered the best method for infant booger removal.  Forget about the suction bulb.  It's effective when the kid is sick and has primordial slime seeping out of his nose, but for the everyday boogie, it's worthless. 
Sheepishly I'll admit that I've tried to pick my poor baby's nose with my own fingers, but besides being equally ineffective, that's also very gross.
Somewhere, some poor and desperate (disgusting) mom thought up this contraption, and while I've read several reviews that it works like a charm, I simply can't go there.

Full disclosure:  This apparatus has a filter somewhere between baby's nose and mommy's mouth, but it's just not ever going to be good enough for me.

So what's the best method?  It requires two people.  One holds down the child (yes, this is how all good parenting choices begin) and the other parent, preferably the one with steadier hands, picks the booger out with tweezers.  Oh, the things we do for these kids.


Jeffrey told me that I was a little harsh in my last post blasting Kraft for its new ad campaign, so I was going to write a glowing review of my new Pocket Hose to help balance my karma.  Notice I said "was."

Jeffrey picked up the hose for me after the very energetic infomercial convinced us that we HAD TO ACT NOW and buy one.  Believe it or not, the Pocket Hose was actually a fantastic product that totally lived up to the hype on the infomercial.  It was lightweight, easy to use, and the very best hose I'd ever used.

Until it exploded.

I don't really know what happened, but my best guess is that the internal part of the hose that expands with water had a weak point because two days ago when I turned on the water at the spigot, instead of happily watching my Pocket Hose expand to 50 feet, I watched it bulge in one spot and then pop open in the middle. 

Even with the explosion, I still consider the Pocket Hose to be one of the best products on infomercials right now--beating out the Shake Weight, the Snuggie, and the ShamWow.  So I'm going to buy another one.


Today, for the third time in recent history, I found a Cheerio in my brassiere.  Now that's one secret that Victoria never advertises.