Monday, April 9, 2018

Five Months

Happy ninth, little girl!

At five months old you are an absolute delight.  You've found your voice and often use it to squeak with joy or displeasure.  (I remember your oldest brother doing the same thing around this age, but you, my dear, are in a register all your own!)  You can roll from back to front or front to back, but you much prefer to turn left.  We will have to work on moving to the right so you don't turn out lopsided.  If I'm really honest, though, your biggest preference is to be in someone's arms.  That little thumbkin is still in your mouth about 90% of the time, but if we're able to pull it away, we get rewarded with your darling little smile.  This month's flower is a white orchid, signifying beauty and innocence.  You are a lovely little lady, indeed. 

Friday, March 9, 2018

Four Months

Another month has passed us by, and another 9th means another flower for my girl.  This month we're using the calla lily.  This flower officially stands for faithfulness, purity, and hope because it blooms around the time of Easter every year.  To us, though, the calla lily will always represent our wedding day, as it was one of only a few special flowers chosen to adorn my bridal bouquet.  Yes, today is the ninth and thus Holland's "monthday," but yesterday Jeffrey and I celebrated our ten year anniversary.  I've been deep in thought about the last decade and all the many choices, decisions, accidents, divine plans, and happenstance that lead to me sitting here today, typing a four month celebration post for my third sweet baby.  Ten years ago, I wouldn't have dared to imagine that one day I would have so much love in my life.

Holland, at four months old you are as precious as ever.  My favorite thing right now is to have a little conversation with you--you, cooing imaginary baby words at me with a furrowed and serious brow, and me, grinning like a fool, hanging on your every word.  You've rolled over a time or two and your big brothers are so proud of you for every milestone you achieve.  You have an impressive list of folks wrapped around your tiny little finger.  You are a joy and we all love you so much.  Happy 9th, love bug. 

Friday, February 9, 2018

Three Months

This month's flower is a bit of a mystery--I think it may be of the imaginary variety...but it sure looks pretty.  We'll call it a purple wisteria.  Wisteria is used to signify good luck in new beginnings, and I think that's a perfect description for where we are with this girl.  This month she is beginning to do many new things like reaching for toys and cooing and lying on her tummy without crying crocodile tears.  Holland is still a solid sleeper and a pleasant little lady when she's awake.  She still likes to keep her little fingers close to or in her mouth...her dentist/mommy is already dreading the day we have to try and break that habit.  She smiles for almost everyone, and if the last picture I post today doesn't make you smile right back, I don't know what will.

Three beautiful months with my beautiful girl.  I don't need any wisteria, thank you.  I'm feeling lucky already.  Happy 9th, baby doll.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Two Months

Another month has flown by with my girl.  This month's flower is the red hydrangea.  Google tells me that hydrangeas represent heartfelt sentiment, which seems appropriate because I love this baby with my whole heart. 

This month she's gotten to spend some time with family over the holidays, my mom during my first week back at work, and now a precious babysitter who daily sends me text messages about how cute she is.  (I never tire of receiving those messages!)  Even with all of the changes, she has remained our sweet and soft little lady, her fuzzy hair always sticking straight up, and her little thumb or fingers constantly trying to find their way into her mouth.  As a dentist, I suppose I was destined to have at least one child who sucks her thumb.

Happy 9th, baby doll.  I love you from the bottom of my heart. 

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Gold, Frankincense, and Her

As you probably realized, we did not send a Christmas card last year. There were many reasons—busy work schedules, two crazy and rambunctious boys, family commitments, etc. But most of all we think it was just burn out from years of coming up with awesome ideas for Christmas cards. However, after piles of fan mail and requests, we have decided to come out of retirement and send a Christmas card again this year. We’re sure you’re all dying to know what we’ve been up to, so here goes...


We’re still living in the college house on “The Hill” that we rent from my (Lauren’s) parents. (Yes, we have Sub-T boys across the street and next door—pray for us.) We actually feel really festive living here this time of year since it was built roughly around the time Jesus was born. And evidently Jesus was born around 1956, because the guest bathroom had that beautiful, multi-geometric, pink-and-Black tiled look. Notice the past tense in the sentence above—we say “had” because a few months ago it was renovated and transformed into a lovely, pristine, white bathroom (at least until the boys use it a few more times). That bathroom is probably the nicest room in the house now, so that is where we have chosen to have Christmas dinner. Cheers!


Last year we bought some land in Tuscola, Texas, that we plan to build on...someday. Right now it’s just a 40-acre barren tract of grass and mesquites and cedars, but we love going out there to care for the pine trees we planted, dream about the house that will one day stand on that dirt, and admire those Texas sunsets. Lauren keeps making plans and drawing blueprints, Jeffrey keeps the place mowed and tidy, and the boys keep wondering where we are going to put the giraffe (because evidently if you own 40 acres in West Texas, you NEED to put a giraffe on it). If you have any suggestions on what to name the place, drop us a line. Also, if you have suggestions on how to keep Jeffrey from passing out when he discovers how much new furniture for the house is going to cost, please let Lauren know.


In case life with two little boys and a dog wasn’t already frighteningly close to being raised in the muck and chaos of a barn, we decided to get a puppy. Our new dog, Ranger, is a German Shorthaired Pointer and Blue Lacy mix. After some early miscues and lots of training, he is now in 2nd place as the most well-behaved child in the home. (We won’t say who’s holding down last place in that contest...but you can probably guess.) Having a baby puppy was a nice refresher for us though...(hint, hint: see below)


Not to brag or anything, but our boys are really getting smart! Carter and Harrison turned 5 and 3 yeas old, respectively, this year. Both are now attending full time pre-school classes and loving every minute. Carter is enameled with his teacher, friendly with his classmates, and truly enjoys learning each day at Abilene Christian School—GO PANTHERS! (We can’t say that without thinking of Coach Taylor and Buddy Garrity.) Harrison is the littlest “Big Man on Campus” at Long Elementary. He loves his school because he knows every student and teacher, and EVERYONE knows him. Walking him to his classroom sometimes feels like standing next to a tiny celebrity. He also loves his school because he gets to eat breakfast there every day, even though he eats breakfast at home before he leaves for school, too. #puttingtheBIGinbigmanoncampus


This Halloween the boys went as Darth Vader (Carter) and Luke Skywalker (Harrison) for Trick-or-Treat. Lauren, being 36 weeks pregnant at the time, wore a black shirt and was a very slowly expanding black hole (or whatever space reference works there to describe a tired and grouchy pregnant lady). She tried to convince Jeffrey to wear a shirt that said “I am your father” and stand behind the boys all night, but he said he doesn’t dress up. Here’s a fond memory from that night: Do you remember those old commercials where the pitcher of Kool-Aid bursts through the wall and says Oh, yeah!”? Well, Harrison basically did that at some random lady’s house when he reached directly into her bin of candy and came out double-fisting Skittles and Snickers. As Kevin McAllister would say, “Yikes!!”


We worked hard this year at our respective jobs and tried to save as much money as possible, which we then promptly shipped off to the U.S. Department of Education in large quantities until lo and behold...(drumroll)...we paid off Jeffrey’s loans from medical school in their entirety! We were elated to have that yoke off our backs and almost threw a party...but then remembered that we didn’t have the money for it. Thanks a lot, Obama (or Trump). 😉


Siri, what is Frankincense? [weird robot voice] “Frankincense is the aromatic dried sap of an ancient tree used for its healing powers.” In case you didn’t know, it’s also kinda sticky and stinky...and so were a few things about this year. Carter’s feet are stinky because he’s a full-fledged boy. Harrison’s diapers are stinky because he’s a 3-year-old with man-sized BMs (we cannot manage to get that kid completely potty trained). Lauren’s car was repeatedly stinky—3 flat tires in a span of 12 weeks and 2 broken front windshields. Jeffrey is on-call one day a week and one weekend a month—super stinky. But all the not-so-good things about 2017 faded away as the calendar turned to November.


Near the beginning of this year we found out that we were (unexpectedly) expecting a baby. Early blood testing told us it was a healthy baby girl. Then a few long months later, Holland Elizabeth was born on November 9. We are asked often about her name, as it’s a bit uncommon. Before she was born we painstakingly pores through baby name books looking for the perfectly one, but couldn’t quite land on one we both liked. We wanted something pretty and unique, and a name that would honor both sides of our family. Her middle name was decided first: Elizabeth, after her paternal great-grandmother, Beth, who is named for several Elizabeths before her. Then, rather than reuse a name from Lauren’s side of the family, we decided to borrow the name of a place. Holland is the town in which my (Lauren’s) grandfather’s farm resides, and it will always be a very special place to us. Just like the people and places she’s named after, she brings us such happiness. She is a sweet girl with dark blue eyes and her smile lights up the room. We didn’t know it, but we needed her in our lives, and we are blessed to have her.

We are overwhelmed with joy at the gifts we have been entrusted with and the love we have shared this year. We hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

-Jeffrey, Lauren, Carter, Harrison, and Holland Edwards (and Dixie and Ranger, too)