Monday, February 22, 2010

Sing Song 2010

Jeffrey and I went to Abilene this weekend for Sing Song 2010. The show was great (as usual) and we had a really good time seeing family and friends. My mom continues to make us a "surprise box" every time we come home, filled with household goods like paper towels and tissues (which I HATE to buy) and little snacks. I am currently eating the sour patch kids from the box as an afternoon snack. Somewhere in Lubbock, Chase Cawyer is very jealous of that.

Jeffrey's parents were also in Abilene for the show, and brought us early birthday presents. We both got Northface jackets, but mine is green and Jeffrey's is black. (The Edwards know that Jeffrey and I coordinate our clothes on accident most mornings anyway, so they didn't want to fuel the fire by getting us more coordinating clothes!)

My great aunt, June, and my uncle, Gary, both had hand surgery while we were in Abilene. Poor Aunt June fell down at her house and chipped her front teeth and broke her hand. She was quite worried about her chipped teeth at first, but after someone reminded her that she's related to 6 1/2 dentists (I'm counting myself as 1/2 a dentist), she figured out that she could have those teeth fixed in no time.

Unfortunately, Uncle Gary looks like he may not be the dental relative fixing her teeth in the next week or so, because he's the other one in a cast. He pulled a tendon in his finger trying to catch one of his sons as his son fainted! Crazy story. It looks like humpty dumpty had a successful surgery to put him back together again, though, and it's on his left hand, so if all else fails, he can always get a mouth mirror prosthesis put on that side!

As always, the trip was fun, but too short!

I'll leave you with MY two favorite Sing Song acts...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Buried Alive!

I just realized that I've only blogged once in the entire month of February--lame!

Please excuse my absence while I try to "un-bury" myself from the books I've been studying.

You can be happy, though. With all the cramming sessions going on late at night at my house, I'm getting very smart. Your teeth will be in good hands someday when you come to my office. I just hope I can fit my big fat brain through the doorway.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Berry Mature

On Thursday during lecture we learned that people who are born with a certain disease may have some differences in their teeth. The particular disease we were talking about is syphilis, and the major signs (in the teeth) are called Hutchinson's incisors and mulberry molars. Hutchinson's incisors are constricted like this:

Mulberry molars are named so because of their bumpy appearance.

Our teacher commented that she hadn't ever seen a mulberry, and didn't even know what one looked like. That simple comment led to a chain of mass emails from our classmates and ended in raucous laughter from the entire class. Below are the emails that were sent out:

Mulberries are a delicious fruit that grows on a tree. They grow in many areas across the US. Care must be taken when handling because they stain... And cause syphilis.JK about the syphilis thing.

Please don’t confuse with it’s cousin, the blueberry...

Or its more distant cousin, the Halle Berry

Or the black sheep of the family…..the dingleberry

The future dentists of America are berry mature.