Monday, July 27, 2015

Eleven Months

Happy 11 months, H-man!

This month the boy FINALLY got a tooth.  His dentist/mommy was starting to wonder if he even had any teeth in his head, but finally one poked through.  There might be another one by now, but he really really really doesn't like for me to look or feel for them, so we'll just lump that in with the other great mysteries of life.

H.E. is motoring around like crazy now, and pulling up on any chair, step ladder, or couch that he can reach.  He's gotten so fast that sometimes I lose him inside the house!  On those occasions, I usually find him in the bathroom, trying to crawl into the bathtub, his absolute favorite place on earth.  With his birthday coming up in only one month, I'm trying to figure out if I should go with a typical theme party or just invite his friends to join him for a bath!  He'd probably like a bath party best...

This month Carter and Harrison have really enjoyed playing together, following each other around, and giggling at night instead of going to sleep.  We have them sleeping in the same room now, which means there's a little less sleeping and a little more silliness, but we figure it's all worth it to encourage those brothers to become best friends, too. 

I still love to snuggle that boy, and he still loves his mommy and daddy, but he's getting bigger and bigger and looking more like an almost-one-year-old every day.  I know our days of holding him all the time and treating him like our baby are numbered.  Even so, it is well.  Our H.E. is becoming a handsome, independent, headstrong, lovable, energetic little boy and it is so much fun to watch.

Happy 27th, sweetness.  We love you to pieces.